Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Advisors
Roy D. Bridges, Jr.
Robert C. Hinson
Richard C. Henry
Jay F. Honeycutt
David M. Jones
James W. Kennedy
Dr. Maxwell C. King
F. Story Musgrave
Brig. Gen.(S) Mark Owen

Chelsea Partridge, President
Joshua Jones, Vice President
Louise Kleba, Treasurer
Louise Kleba, Acting Secretary

James Dean
John Oster
William (Bill) M. Allen
James (Doug) D. Burnnett
Henry (Hank) B. Fisher
John Hilliard
Charles A. Kuhlman
James (Jim) C. Lewis, Jr.
Patrick McCarthy
Gretchen Sauerman
Robert Knuutila
Steve Schneider

Russell M. Barnes
Donald T. Beck
G. Denton Clark
Lee D. Solid
Paul C. Donnelly
George L. English
Richard C. Henry
Ray D. Hill

Interested in getting involved?

Contact one of our board members today!

The board meets the third Tuesday of every month at Brano’s Italian Grill in Cocoa Beach.

4 Replies to “Board of Directors”

  1. If you still need a volunteer for Secretary or for whatever I am a semi-retired life member and I offer my help. I voted a few weeks back.

  2. Hello, I am Günther Karger, member of the original Missile and Space Pioneers and was a personal friend of one of the founders, Clifford Mattox. I was on the development team of Courier Satellite while working in New Jersey at ITT Labs and while we lived at the Cape 1964-67, I worked at Radiation and Pan Am while also serving as the Canaveral IEEE Section Secretary and Chairman. Vernher von Braun was on one of my committees as was Dr. Bernhard Keiser. We left the cape in 1968 for Eastern Airlines to restructure its engineering dept and other roles for Frank Borman until 1986. We attended one of your banquets in 2010 and follow your activities via the Missileer newsletter. we have a website . I just want to say “hello” and mention that I still exist although I suspect few if anyone at the Cape would remember us.

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