A Little history: When it was initially formed, the MS&RP membership was drawn primarily from the then-dominant Apollo program. In addition, the organization sought and embraced all those Pioneers who had been or were then “engaged in missile, space or range activities that culminate in a test or launch program at DoD or NASA facilities in Florida and in their off-shore and down-range stations.” – These three functions: Missiles, Ranges and Space activities can be considered as each distinct, yet mutually supportive, facets of aerospace propulsion, tracking, new-frontier exploration and their attendant scientific advancements.

The Missile, Range and Space Pioneers, Inc. were incorporated on 2 November 1966 to provide an opportunity for the people who were involved in those early missile, range, and space activities at Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy) to socialize and renew old acquaintances. The faces may change but the social nature of the Pioneers remains the same.

Basically, the Pioneers’ new criterion is: If you have an interest in space, you’re welcome! The new application phrasing is still a bit formal, but that’s the legacy.

“BY ENCOURAGING present-day space activists to join the Pioneers of days past, the organization seeks to encourage the passing of the vision from one generation of space voyagers to the next,” Jerry Johnson, current Vice-president had earlier stated.

“We need to give the people in the community who are strong supporters of space programs the opportunity to participate in space-related activities.”

The Pioneers have two general membership get-togethers a year: a Spring reunion (location TBD) and a Fall social reunion, an informal eat-drink-and-yak session (location TBD). (Locations are currently TBD because of the Officer’s Club fire.)